Inner Voice is a modern + customized take on an ancient practice.

Have you ever wondered if you can get a sound healing customized to your exact needs? Now you can - and it is as simple as a 10 second voice recording.

Audrey Christie, MSN, RN

Hey friend,


Have you been singing the praises of sound healing since your first gong bath, swaddled like babies by the soothing frequencies?


Maybe it was a traditional Quartz crystal bowl treatment or a drum circle? Maybe it was some binarual beats in your headphones to soothe yourself?


Or perhaps you are just curious about how this ancient remedy with modern science to back it up works because you have seen the headlines that scientists and clinical studies are revealing just how healing sound baths can be.

Yes, sound has been used since ancient times to heal and science backs up its effectiveness now.

Here are 3 things we know about sound healing:

  1. It's a mood enhancer. Many people report that sound healing helps relieve stress and anxiety and improves their overall mental state. When combined with a meditation practice, the healing vibrations at strategic frequencies can the benefit both the mind and body.
  2. It can help you release pain. Sound-based vibration treatment can significantly improve pain outcomes from arthritis, menstrual pain, postoperative pain, knee replacement pain. Sound-based treatment has even been found to improve mobility, reduce muscle pain and stiffness, increase blood circulation, and lower blood pressure.
  3. It improves spiritual wellbeing. After a sound healing experience, participants in a study published in the Journal of Evidence-Based Complementary & Alternative Medicine reported increased feelings of spiritual well-being, as well as faith, immediately following the sound meditation.

Here's What You Get:

  • Weekly customized sound track tuned to your Inner Voice needs. Choose from 1 month or a monthly subscription.

  • Customized reports demonstrating exactly what emotions are out of balance and what body systems they can impact as well as where the sound can impact.

Each week you will get a reminder to submit your 10-sec voice recording, including instructions on how to best use your balancing harmonics. And how to use the harmonics to release further blocks and continue your most effective healing path.

Your Inner Voice Options

$40 for 1 month or $20 for monthly subscription

Monthly subscription requires a 3-month minimum.

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